Mom Made it! Ljubljana & Salzburg

I have been working on the same assignment for quite some time. I wanted to get it done before fall break to be ahead of the game, but that never happened and I have had too much going on. With some more free time in the upcoming weekend, I hope to be able to finish writing about my research on the background of rave culture, finish my last two journals for cross-cultural psychology, and read and complete my psychoanalytic case study. I have also been religiously journaling bullet points of things that I do every day, blog weekly, and upload GoPro files. The GoPro uploads are giving me more issues now because it took up all of the storage on my cellphone. I have to find a solution. I also need to figure out my final two trips of the semester.

On November 13th, my mom arrived! Before she arrived, the cleaning lady was scheduled to clean… thank god. Our apartment was beginning to look a bit messy. While the cleaning lady was finishing up, I packed for my mom’s and my trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia. I also gathered some things that I wanted her to take home. I left for the Landstraße/Wien Mitte train station way too early because I thought my mom got on the train and did not have wifi when I didn’t hear from her for awhile. There was an abandoned bag, so she had some issues purchasing the ticket and finding the train since the area she needed to be in was blocked off and the platform for the train was moved. My mom made a friend with a girl who was traveling to meet her boyfriend and frequently visits Vienna. She helped my mom since they both needed on the same train and were confused with the bag issue. Her friend even had to get off at the same train stop as my mom and asked my mom if she needed any more help before leaving her (I was waiting near a different car at the same platform). My mom and I traveled to my apartment, dropped off her things, and went to get our nails done at Q Beautiful Life off of Mariahilf. We both got pedicures which included a razor which shaved off our callused feet. It was crazy to watch the dead skin fly right off of our feet. After the pedicures, we went to Greichenbeisl for some traditional Austrian food in an old restaurant. I had a beet vegan dish and aperol spritz. When we got back to the apartment, we chatted, drank my wine from my winery tour, and booked Sara’s flight to Vienna for my last week abroad travels.

On the 14th, my mom and I walked to my school so she could see some of the sights and get acquainted with the area. I showed her where the nearest McDonalds were and Stephansplatz. The McDonalds was reliable for providing wifi, so my mom could message me the details of where we would meet. Stephansplatz is a good meeting place and the center of town, so if my mom got lost, she would know a good place to try to locate. I went to German class and met up with my mom afterwards. Her and I went to Neubaugasse so she could purchase some boots, since we would be walking a lot and rain was on the radar. Then we quickly got our stuff and went to the train station. We chatted and ate on the train and had a quick transfer, but the platforms were right beside each other. We arrived in Ljubljana and walked to our AirB&B, then had dinner and found the famous art district.

On November 15, we woke up and went to the bus station and got tickets for lake bled. We got breakfast at a nearby bakery and left for lake bled. The ride was somewhat long and it rained harder as we got closer to the lake. We went inside the church below the castle and then climbed up to the castle. The area was pretty empty since the weather was not ideal. The castle did not have very much exciting aspects besides the view. Part of the castle had a winery room and we bought wine with our star-signs on the bottle. We did not see boats shuttling to the church in the middle of the lake, so we were thinking that the weather and lack of tourists stopped the boat shuttle. We tried the famous Slovenian fluffy vanilla cake before departing back to Ljublanja. We went back to the graffiti place to check it out in the daytime and retreated back to the AirB&B to dry off. We found a restaurant nearby (Druga Violina) that hires people with special needs. The restaurant was super cute and our meals were very tasty. After that, we walked around and listened to a band playing outside while we drank glühwein. The band did much better when they performed Slovenian songs.

On the 16th, we walked around the old town of Ljubljana and saw the farmers market and killed time shopping until the funicular opened up. We went up to the castle and explored it’s views and museum. We went back to old town, found a restaurant called Loving Hut which was located near the bus station, ate lunch, and left for Salzburg. We watched The Sound of Music on our way (until we crossed the Austrian border and the movie could not be played in Austria). When we got to Salzburg, we got on an OBB train to take us into town. We found our hotel, found dinner at Gasthaus Zwettler’s, and explored. We even relocated the hotel I stayed at when I was in Salzburg in high school.

On the 17th, we did a walking tour from Rick Steve’s book. We saw the impressive cemetery, went into the catacombs, got original Mozart balls, explored the castle, and ate at a fancy restaurant near Mozart’s Birth House. We later walked to the train station, killed time at Starbucks, and finally boarded the train back to Vienna. We went to the Spittelberg Christmas market, got stuff from my apartment for the next few days, and located the AirB&B.

On the 18th, my mom and I got coffee and apple strudel at Cafe Friedhof before I went to class. My class met at the auction house nearby. Then, my mom and I went to see the Stephansplatz Christmas market, Rathaus, and Prater. At the Rathaus, we shared garlic soup and spatzle. Later, we found the original snow globe store and I got one for 10 euros. We located Sigmundgaße and then my mom got me a travel backpack from this hippieish store. I went to my night class then met my mom after so we could meet Cristoff at his new apartment. Cristoff, Sebastian, and Magda treated us to an amazing dinner. We had pumpkin soup, salad, a mushroom dish with stuffing, and hazelnut cake.

On the 19th, I went to German class and met my mom after. We went to a cafe called Coffee Day to kill time before my other class. My mom got apple strudel and I got esterhazy cake. Then we went to the Rathaus and I got a chimney cake and some glühwein. We walked to the Rathaus and stumbled upon some more Christmas Markets. We tried some peach schnapps and bought some items from the markets. I had class again then met my mom after for Taco Tuesday at Taco Tante. We drank wine in the AirB&B, ate paprika chips, and packed my mom’s things for her flight.

On the 20th, we woke up at 4:20 and got ready to go to the train station. I helped my mom get her ticket and find the platform. We said our goodbyes and then I retreated back to Dürergasse.


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