Wiener Rotkreuzball

On the 21st, we had a meeting for our upcoming ski trip. At the meeting, we could pick out snow clothes that IES had purchased from various consignment shops. I was so happy to find a bulky jacket and snow pants. I am a bit nervous for the ski trip. They showed a video from the ski resort website and the ski people appeared to be going pretty fast. Hopefully I learn and pick up on skiing easily! I got a coffee from McDonalds to use my mom’s coupon that she got from peeing at McDonalds. I also caught up on some homework by finishing my cross-cultural journal entries for the semester!

On November 22, was the Vienna Red Cross Ball! Everyone had German class like normal on Friday and most people did not travel this weekend due to the ball. The ball ran from 9:30PM until 4AM, so my friends and I worked on homework, took a nap, then woke up to get ready for the ball. I was super happy to finish up my portion of my group project sociology paper. It was weird putting make up on and getting all glammed up. I have only worn makeup like 3 times since I have been abroad and those first two times were not really the full-makeup because I did not wear eye liner. I did not expect the ball to be as fun as it was. I expected it to be all formal dancing, hindering me from even being able to attempt. But, my friends and I did some ballroom dancing for fun and even located some non-ballroom dancing rooms at the ball. I was asked to dance by an Austrian student at the Universität Wien. He studies mechanical engineering. I felt bad because I did not know how to dance at all and he has taken classes. Ballroom dancing is a huge thing in Vienna. He was surprised to hear that we did not have balls in the United States and that the closest thing was Prom. Vienna, Maddie, and I also got super lucky and when they were blocking off the dance floor for the performances, we got to be front and center for watching the reveal of the donation, singing, traditional performances, and tapping of the keg. It was so amazing to see. Also, while we were walking around exploring, we heard Grease playing and went into the disco room. We jammed out to a ton of Grease songs as well as Don’t Stop Me Now… I’m having a BALL (literally, how fitting of a song). Then, the tunes switched to German pop and we did not know any of it. We left the ball around 3AM and got back around 3:30AM. The ball was SO much fun!

On the 23rd, Maddie’s friend came to town and she got caught riding the U-bahn without a ticket, so she had to pay 105 euros unfortunately. Claire and I went to a Cafe Ritter and did some homework. Later on, we went grocery shopping, made dinners, and met Vienna and her Great Aunt at the Rathaus Christkindlmarkt. We had some glühwein, chatted, walked around, then went to the University Christmas market. I had a baumkuchen and tried the chocolate-plum punch. Later on, we played cards at our apartment.

On the 24th, I finished up my case study assignment and hung out for the day. I also went for a walk and saw some new parts of Vienna. It is crazy to think that there is still so much of Vienna that I have not seen yet.

On the 25th I finished booking things for my final European trip of study abroad. On the 26th, I worked on finishing up my trip itinerary. It is almost 40 pages long and has screenshots of directions that we will need for our travels. I am hoping that my phone will work, but it has been pretty iffy, so the itinerary is good to have as backup. I made some good use of my one class being cancelled on Tuesday.

Vienna and I looked into some trip options for our last free weekend in Vienna. We still have not figured out where we were going. We were hoping that we could find suggestions from airlines and buss websites to tell us where to go, since we are unsure.

After class on the 27th, I went to the Schatzkammer in the Hofburg, Ephesos Museum, and Theatermuseum. I still have to visit the Hofjagd und Rüstkammer in Hofburg, Ancient Musical Instruments, and Wagenburg in Schönbrunn.


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