Bucharest Weekend

Vienna and I were a part of the few who decided to travel for the last weekend before study abroad comes to an end. Many people decided to stay back in Vienna, but we wanted to make the most of our time abroad and take advantage of our free weekend (Vienna will be studying abroad again next semester in London!). Vienna’s parents had points on their travel card, so they allowed us to use those points towards a hotel in Bucharest, Romania. It was nice to not have to stay in a hostel and to have our own space.

On Friday the 6th, St. Nicklaus and Krampus came to our German classes and delivered fruit and chocolate. We enjoyed the show and the snack. After class, I gathered my things and walked to Landstraße to get train tickets to the airport for Vienna and I. I met Vienna at the station when her German class ended. We also ran into some other fellow IES travelers who were going to Spain for the weekend.

Our flight went well and then we took an overly crowded bus into the city center of Bucharest. After the bus ride, Vienna informed me that the ride took an hour and a half. I did not check my phone at all and was unaware that the bus ride took that long. We were packed into the bus like sardines and I felt like I shouldn’t talk since my face was practically on this guy’s shoulder in front of me.

Romania was quite interesting. We got immediately distracted by a vegan café where we ended up getting cake before finding the hotel. Later on, we found the Christmas market that we would go back to each day in Romania. We got glühwein and found huge chimney cakes. These chimney cakes were the size of my arm. You can also see the smoke coming out of the “chimney.” It was nice to travel as such a small group and spend time with Vienna and check another country off of our bucket list. Unfortunately, we did not get to see Dracula’s castle, but we still made it to Romania! Vienna and I figured to take advantage of our last weekend, since this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We had a super nice, relaxed weekend in Romania.

We also found a cereal cafe which provided our dinner one night. The cafe offered a wide selection of American cereals which were called “imports.” We had a win-win since we selected the local cereal which was cheaper and allowed us to try some cereal that is foreign to us. At the Christmas market on Saturday night there was a group of ~10 year old boys on stage doing scream-o music. They seemed arrogant on stage and we did not enjoy listening to them as much as the girl from the night before.

We also ventured into a mall which was the strangest mall I have ever been in. There was so many levels which led to dingy floors and most floors contained a section of women’s bras and underwear in the middle of the hallway. We searched for a place for tea, stumbled upon the food court which was very dark and had open seating like a casino, took an elevator and ended up in a coat shop before leaving. I looked through an H&M store for these reindeer-avocado socks that I have been on the hunt for. They did not have them there, but when I got back in Vienna, I made the purchase and got 3 pairs of socks for less than 6 euros.

Upon returning to Vienna, we were greeted by finals week. All of my finals are done except German. I have a review class on Thursday and the final on Friday. Sara arrives around noon on Wednesday and then we will be in Vienna for a few days, so I can finish up my finals. Then, on Saturday Sara and I depart for Luxembourg. Our trip will also include Brussels, Bruges, and Amsterdam. I am sad for my friends to be leaving Vienna, but I am excited to visit 3 new countries.

On December 10th, Vienna, Claire, Maddie and I went to a Ramen restaurant and then to the Rathaus so Claire and Vienna could ice skate and take advantage of the discounted skating at 9:30.


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