Skiing in the Alps

On Thanksgiving, IES rented out part of this 800 year old Heuriger and hosted an American-style Thanksgiving. The meal included stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, hummus & pepper bread, lots of free wine, and apple strudel (sadly, no pumpkin pie). Vienna and I sat together on the bus and chatted for most of the long bus ride to and from the restaurant.

On the 29th, Maddie and I left for the Ski Trip. The hotel had a nice sauna which it is required that you go in naked, although you could cover up with a towel (we all covered up with towels). The sauna was soo nice, especially with the cold weather we have been having. For skiing, we went to Kitzsteinhorn and those who were beginners at skiing could take lessons. I was so lucky that I had lessons because the alps can be quite intimidating and make the PA mountains look like nothing. Skiing was pretty scary, but by the end of the trip I managed to learn how to stop with skis on. My calves were pretty sore afterwards. Our instructor’s name was Arnoud. Some girls in my lessons acted like they were too good for the lessons then Arnoud started to point out things that they were doing wrong like how they did not have control or could not promptly stop and how that could cause them to hurt someone else. The one girl said how she preferred to just fall and learn on her own and Arnoud said something to her too about needing to learn the basics so they are not dangerous and injure someone. Later on, I heard the girls who ditched lessons talking about how they got injured.

Also during the trip, Rose noticed a hole in her jacket pocket which was holding our hotel key. We knew the key went missing on the last lift on our way back to the bus. At hotel checkout, we had to pay as a group of 4, 100 euros. That day on the slopes we asked around for it and were so happy that we found the key, so we could get our money back.

On the ski trip, a boy dislocated his shoulder and was flown to the hospital. My mom expressed how she was happy that I survived the trip because she was worried that I would get hurt and it would ruin my last few weeks abroad.

I finally checked out Karl’s Kirche and the Karlsplatz Christmas Market. The church is super nice and going up the elevator to see the dome was amazing. The details were spectacular. The Christmas market at Karlsplatz is one of the best ones in Vienna, I believe.

Nicki hosted a pasta party in our apartment. It was nice to have everyone over and “combine pasta forces.” Some of our friends brought wine and snacks to accompany the wine.

My U-bahn pass expired for this month, so for the first week of December, I just walked. I did not use the U-bahn much anyways. Next week I will probably buy a week pass, since Sara will be here and I will need to meet her at the train station.

I am not ready to go home at all. So many people in my classes are expressing how they can’t wait to go home. I am happy that I will be traveling the last week and wish I could stay here longer. My blog posts are more boring right now. I apologize for anyone who reads it. I have too much stuff to do, so blogging is not my priority.

This weekend Vienna and I are going to Bucharest. Next week is finals and Sara arrives on Wednesday. My last final is on Friday. Sara and I leave for Luxembourg on Saturday the 21st.


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